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Sub Function:
Job Title:Area Production Manager
Working Location:Heibei
Salary Range:
Release Time:2019-11-05 15:12:11
Job Description:

Company Background:

  • World-renowned foreign agricultural enterprises.

Key Responsibility:

  • Management of production plan infrastructure. Advise the Regional Head of Production on the produceability of the new varieties to be introduced in the companies’ commercial portfolio in order to ensure seed availability of new products. Advise the Regional Head of Production on the possibilities to execute planned volumes in the area responsible for in order to ensure a reliable seed supply:

  • Based on the needs from the Global Production Strategy Manager maintain/adapt the local production infrastructure utilizing own farms/facilities or the executing contracts with growers or 3rd parties in order to ensure efficiency, reliability and quality of the seed produced. 

  • Advise the Global Production Specialist and Regional Head of Production regarding acceptance and/or rejection of lots delivered by our suppliers in order to ensure the highest quality seed supply. 

  • Advise on the production locations (commercial & stock seeds) within their responsible region in order to ensure a quality and reliable seed supply. 

  • Infrastructure guidelines:

  • Implement, monitor & develop the given production guidelines per specie, variety and methodology on the crop management procedures to our own production people, growers or 3rd parties involved in crop management relating to the specific crop in order to meet the production plan as agreed. 

  • Quality assurance standards:

  • Work in concert with the Quality Assurance department to ensure all lots meet company’s quality standards by executing and monitoring best practice procedures and, collecting field data. 

  • Responsible, with the support of the Regional Production Administrators, for the production data within the system to ensure accurate information is disseminated to other departments locally and globally. 

  • Realize the requested volumes with consistent quality and quantity of stock seed and/or commercial seeds according to the production plan with agreement of the Global Production Specialist and Regional Head of Production in order to ensure correct volumes and timely availability. 

  • Production research: 

  • Develop, in concert with the Seed Production Research department and the Global Production Manager, improved production technology and after proven valid, implement it in the area’s crop management protocols in order to improve seed reliability. 

  • Monthly reporting: 

  • Through continuous communication, keep the Regional Head of Production informed of on-going crop activities and advice on alternatives to improve. 

  • Budgetary responsibility:

  • Advise the Regional Head of Production on the CAPEX, OPEX and Head Count planning to maintain a current production infrastructure to guarantee a good seed supply.  

  • Execute & monitor the CAPEX, OPEX and HC budget responsible for and propose actions to improve efficiency to the Regional Crop Manager. 

  • Personnel management HR:

  • Manage, direct, and coordinate the personnel flow within the department, including appraisal, training and development and career planning by using HR instruments, guidelines, procedures and advice in order to select and maintain competent employees and ensure an efficient and effective functioning department. 

  • Support the development of the team, and act as mentor for colleagues in other teams, other areas, regions.

  • Engaging in all QHSE activities and effective implementation of all the QHSE Specific Key requirements. Overall responsibility to ensure the functional compliance to QHSE Global and all relevant local QHSE legislation and to ensure all safety measures are maintained. 

Key Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy or related field. 

  • Knowledge of the crop, growing practices within assigned area and grower base. 

  • Five years’ experience in seed production. 

  • Five years’ managerial experience. 

  • Familiarity with production research practices and field plot techniques is strongly preferred. 

  • Leadership skills, Team player; good communication skills works and motivate well with others (social versatility).

  • Strong command of the English language. 

  • Computer competent; Microsoft Word, Excel.

  • Should possess the following competencies: Managerial,Analyzing, and Performance.